Pasta alfredo - Or pasta in a creamy spinach and bacon sauce!

Pasta Alfredo - Mmm!

I love pasta a bit too much, so I try and only have it once or twice a week. I was feeling particularly carb hungry yesterday, so I made this and it was amazing! I'd definitely recommend it! The only problem is, I didn't weigh out any of my ingredients, but hopefully it's easy enough to make that it shouldn't be too much of an issue. 

Pasta Alfredo
Serves 2 | Syn free is using the cheese as a healthy extra!

Frozen spinach
Lean bacon medallions
A finely diced onion
A large handful of finely chopped mushrooms
Chicken stock pot
25g of Strong cheddar, grated, per person*
1 Laughing cow extra light, per person*

Step 1: Rinse the pasta in cold water, and then boil in chicken stock, with the frozen spinach. Fill just enough to keep the pasta boiling, but not too much as this will be the base of the sauce.
Step 2: Frylight a frying pan and add the onions, mushrooms and bacon.
Step 3: Once both the pasta and the onion, mushrooms and bacon are cooked, add the majority of the pasta, spinach and stock to the pan, leaving a little bit of water left over.
Step 4: Add the cheeses to the pan and stir until thick and creamy! If it’s a bit too dry, add some of the leftover stock.

Done! Serve with leafy salad to get in your extra super free! :)

*I’m counting this as my healthy extra a, but  if you want to be really 100%, it might be an idea to divide the pasta before you add the cheese.


  1. Hello there, just stumbled across your blog. My word your pasta dish will be my dinner tomorrow. I am a huge pasta fan but not too much of a tomato sauce over pasta fan and this looks really nice. :) xx

  2. Mmmm this looks amazing! I'm thinking of starting SW soon and came across your blog whilst researching.

  3. Made this tonight for dinner it was very tasty and will certainly be making it again.

  4. Made this tonight it was very tasty and I will certainly be making it again.