Buffalo chicken and coleslaw burrito!

Alright so, I'm not American and I'm not 100% sure what buffalo chicken even is - or a burrito - but whatever this is, it's super tasty, low in fat and calories and worth whatever syns or points you're counting.

Buffalo Chicken and Coleslaw Burrito
Serves 1 | SW Syns per portion: 7.5 (+ HEXa) | Calories aprox. 350


1 Low calorie Tortilla wrap
Salad leaves
15g Grated Cheese

For the buffalo chicken:
1/3 Pack of Sweet Chilli Chicken pieces (this is the cooked stuff you find in the deli meats section)
30g Light Philadelphia (I used the 'with Chives' one but any would work)
1/2 Tbps of chilli sauce or barbecue sauce

For the coleslaw:
A handful of shredded white cabbage, carrot and onion
1/2 Tbps Extra light mayo
1/2 Tbps Light salad cream
Pepper to season

Step 1: Shred the cooked chicken and mix with the philadelphia and sauce so it's all smushed up. I used a drop of Nandos sauce but any sauce would work - experiment!
Step 2: Mix the coleslaw ingredients in a small bowl. This made enough for 2 wraps so the syns and calories are crazy low. 
Step 3: Assemble! Layer the chicken mixture in the middle of the wrap, followed by the coleslaw, salad leaves and cheese. Wrap it up!

And there you have it. Crazy simple. Crazy tasty. Crazy filling. Just plain crazy. 

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