Syn free! Readybrek pancakes with lemon.

Syn Free! Ready Brek pancakes with lemon.

I'm a huge fan of Ready Brek. I don't really like porridge and I am definitely not a breakfast person, but Ready Brek is all nostalgic and yum! I'm also a pretty big fan of pancakes, so I was super happy when I came across this recipe for Ready Brek Pancakes! Not just any pancakes, syn free pancakes. I probably overcooked mine a little, but they were still delicious. You can find the recipe here: 

There's lots of other goodness on there, so have a proper look around! I made mine this morning and had 3 pancakes (using allowances from my HEX) and topped with lemon juice and sweetener. They were so filling! Definitely recommend!


  1. Thanks for the link - only just seen it, woops! Your pancakes look delicious, I really have to make these again soon :) x

  2. These look amazing! I will definitely have to try them! xx