Chicken and mushroom pasta.

Day 9. Chicken and mushroom pasta.
Serves 4 | Syns per portion: 1

I have zero time at the moment so I'll post more recipes soon! Here are some pictures though!



  1. I would love to know how you make this please?

  2. Hello! I'll post the official recipe this evening, but the quick low down is:

    Soak one pack of dried porcini mushroom pieces (available in Sainsburys) in about 250mls of beef stock, whilst soaking fry (with frylight) various mushrooms (chesnut, button etc) in a pan with a diced onion and some bacon, add some chicken and garlic and basil and fry until cooked. Add the mushroom pieces and stock and simmer until the sauce thickens and then stir through some low fat creme fraiche. You could also use fat free fromage frais which would make it syn free! Mix with cooked pasta and serve.